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 For the above packages you must have access to the  discord  server! 

Kies jouw plan

  • CryptoCoaching

    Elke maand
    • Alles wat er in het "CryptoBasics" pakket zit
    • Analyses van coins op aanvraag
    • Maandelijkse Q&A
    • Coin tips
    • Analyses van ervaren traders
    • Exclusieve member kleur op Discord
    • Toegang tot de Trade Corner
    • Toegang tot exclusieve trade meetings
  • Beste keuze


    Elke maand
    • Alles wat er in het "CryptoCoaching" pakket zit
    • 24/7 persoonlijk advies op discord
    • 1 op 1 begeleiding
    • Exclusieve member kleur op Discord


Market updates

Analyzing is one of the most important and tricky parts of trading the crypto market. In addition, we give  specific analyses. These analyzes help you to understand the price of the crypto market even better and are a perfect support to fall back on for your own analysis.

Self evaluation form

The evaluation form will map out your points for improvement with a score on the well-arranged dashboard for all trades you make and enter. This allows you to clearly see which points for improvement have the highest score at the end of a period. Take the 3 points with the highest score for the next period. This will result in improving your trading strategy until it is perfect!

Order book

The high-quality digital order book. Are you looking for a new way to evaluate yourself on the progress of your trading strategy? Or do you already have a profitable strategy and would you like to perfect it? Then the order book is the ideal tool for this. You fill in the data for each heading and the order book will keep everything automatically and clearly on the dashboard.


Beginner Tips & Tricks

From the beginning we support our members with the best Tips & Tricks. The essential Tips & Tricks are clearly described, so you can easily grab them before the trading session starts.


Analyzes of coins on demand

On request we will send you analyzes of various specific coins. These analyzes are discussed with you so that you can achieve the optimal results. These analyzes serve as a supplement to your own analysis!

Monthly Q&A

In the monthly Q&A, Jeffrey makes himself available for 1 evening for members who have questions. This evening is also interesting to attend if you have no questions. This allows you to learn from other people's questions, which you can apply to your own trading strategy in the future.

Coin Tips

Opportunities or possible breakthroughs from a price structure. Jeffrey will pass on CoinTips what he motivates you to look at a particular coin. These coins will have a high chance of breaking out or be interesting to add to your regular wallet. 

Analyzes of experienced traders

With the mentor package you will enter a chat where many other experienced traders share their analyses. Add this experience to your own analysis and benefit from it.

Exclusive member color on Discord

This exclusive package also includes an exclusive color. This sets you apart from the others on Discord.


24/7 personal advice 

At CryptoClubAcademy we are ready for you. That's why we've put together a team of moderators who are all available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Private channel for all VIP members

The private channel is the exclusive chat for VIP members. It is a safe place where you can talk to other members with similar goals and interests. Surround yourself with people who share the same goals so that everyone can support, help and motivate each other.

1 on 1 guidance

Jeffrey makes himself available for a personal chat/phone call to answer your questions and help you trade further. He is happy to help you with your problems by providing relevant information that can solve your problems.

Joint trade meetings

Be invited to the Trade meetings, where we traded together and execute our trades live. These meetings are all about jointly analyzing the charts, placing trades and making profits. At the meetings, each trade is evaluated afterwards on what went well and what went less well, whereby the points are taken back for the next meeting. So even if you don't trade with it yourself, you will learn a lot from this.

Exclusive member color on Discord

This exclusive package also includes an exclusive color. This sets you apart from the others on Discord.

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